Ms. Aer (TH) – AMI*
Head of School, Lead Teacher, Children’s House

Ms. Christine (US) – AMS*
Lead Teacher, Children’s House, Elementary

Ms. Aum (TH) – AMS
Lead Teacher, Toddler Community

Ms. Kerry (CH) – AMI
Children’s House Co-Teacher

Ms. Bailey (US) – AMI (January 2017)
Lead Elementary

* AMI – Association Montessori Internationale / AMS – American Montessori Society

(AMI and AMS are the top two international Montessori teacher qualification awarding institutions.)

Ms. Yui (TH) MSc Biology, Teaching Cert.
Head of Thai language and culture

Ms. Nut (TH) BA Psychology, Teaching Cert.
Children’s House Assistant

Ms. Anna (US)
Toddler Community Asst.

Ms. Jess (SG)
School Manager
Over 30 years teaching & education management experience in Thailand

NOV 2016