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Aer Techo (TH) – AMI*
Head of School, Children’s House

Christine Centofante (US) – AMS*
Children’s House (Departing Summer, 2017)

Aom (TH) – AMS
Toddler Community

Kerry Chen (CH) – AMI
Children’s House

Bailey Taylor (US) – AMI

Russ Uhl (US) – AMI (August 2017)
Head of Elementary

Ortrud Uhl (GER) – AMI (August 2017)
Children’s House

Jocelyne Pena (PH) – AMI (August 2017)
Toddler Community

Thai Qualified Teachers

Ms. Nut – BA Psychology, Teaching Cert.
Children’s House Assistant

Ms. Tom – Office
Acting Principal

Mr. Neung – BA Physical Education, Teaching Cert.
PE & Sport


Classroom Assistants (in-house trained):

Ms. Anna (US)
Toddler Community Asst.Ms. Awe

Ms. Nui (TH)

Ms. Nong Nang (TH)

Ms. Tawan (TH)

* AMI – Association Montessori Internationale / AMS – American Montessori Society
(AMI – Association Montessori Internationale, and AMS – American Montessori Society, are the top two international Montessori teacher qualification awarding organisations.)

(Updated April 2017)