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Three Areas of Learning

The program of tuition for toddlers is comprised of three areas of learning: Movement, Practical Life, and Language (including music and art). All teaching is in English and children are exposed to a rich vocabulary of words in a variety of learning contexts: one-to-one work with the teacher, group work and songs and with each other. Children whose parents would like them to have more exposure to Thai in the classroom can work more closely with the Thai speaking assistants.

Mixed-Age Setting

Learning takes place in a mixed-age setting which helps to build a ‘child community’ where the older children act as teachers and role models to the younger ones. As in all Montessori settings, freedom and choice play a central part in creating a comfortable and pleasurable learning atmosphere in which children can learn independently while the adults observe and create activities based on each child’s interests and developmental needs.

Classroom Environment

The learning environment itself has large windows that make the room airy and flood it with natural light. The learning materials in the classroom are simply arranged and have specific purposes that fall within the three main learning areas. All materials address the various learning and developmental needs of the early learner. Learning takes place at the child’s pace and, in this environment, self-discovery plays an important part in building confidence and independence. The Toddler Community also has its own outdoor shaded work station area, vegetable garden and sensorial garden.


Chiang Mai Montessori School garden

School Day

Being the bundles of energy they are, toddlers star their days at full-steam-ahead. In order to best utilize that energy, the Toddler Community follows a top-heavy schedule that places the majority of its Montessori focus and training in the morning. Shortly after arrival, children participate in Morning Circle and move straight into their first work period. Before their interest has a chance to wane, Snack Time is ushered in, followed by outdoor play and lunch. Each day is consistent in its routine, allowing each child to establish comfort and security, both of which encourage active, autonomous participation.

Daily Timetable – please check back for updated information.