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Chiang Mai Montessori School was founded in 2010 by Ms Aer Techo and her husband, Dan, in the rural community in which Aer was born and raised. It is the first, and is still currently the only Montessori school in Chiang Mai, and is one of only a very small number in the whole of Thailand.

Aer always possessed a natural joy and brilliance for working with children, and after graduating from university with a teaching major, she immediately became a kindergarten teacher, working at various schools around Chiang Mai. She enjoyed her work with children very much but felt very deeply that she could offer more and so embarked on a mission to build her own school.

Aer had the chance to see a Montessori school for the first time in 2005 and was totally captivated by it: children from diverse backgrounds working independently with enjoyment, focus and concentration in a harmonious learning environment. It was everything she believed education should be.

Aer’s family did not have much in the way of financial resources but they pulled together and managed to pay for her post-graduate studies at the world renowned Association Montessori International (AMI) training college in London, England. She graduated in the top two of her year and went straight into her first Montessori teaching position leading a class of 30 children at a school in the London borough of Chelsea. In 2009 Aer moved back to Chiang Mai with her husband, Dan, to start building the school you see today.

Construction began in January, 2010, just a few hundred metres away from Aer’s family home. The school opened the doors to its first 4 students six months later. Aer then gave birth to her first son, Finnlay Rei, two months after that, and in October 2010 she opened the Toddler Community. A second Children’s House opened in 2012, her second son, Joleon Jay, arrived in 2013, and an elementary class for 6-9’s opened in mid-2016. This year Aer also became one of a few successful candidates to be selected for the AMI international teacher-training program.

CMMS remains a completely independent, family run school. It is situated in the warm embrace of the community in which Ms. Aer was born and raised and her complete devotion to children and Montessori education remains the central driving force behind the school to this day.