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CMMS is a place of learning where children can freely explore their developing interests in a natural and peaceful setting.

• Excellent international standard of alternative education for children aged 18 months to 12 years

• Beautiful, calm and secure learning environment

• The strength, stability and wisdom of the Montessori approach

We offer a unique, excellent standard of education (90% in the English language, with Thai and Chinese class options) across four mixed-age settings from 18months to 12 years.

Our open classrooms and 4,500 square metres of lush tropical mixed-sensorial garden, are a living learning environment offering a safe, beautifully nurturing and inspiring place for children to spend each day.

Children are free to follow their interests, to play, explore, discover and learn in ‘classrooms without walls’ accompanied by the peaceful rhythm of nature to guide them.

CMMS is the only school in Chiang Mai offering a genuine and fully Montessori syllabus & parents who choose us will feel very much part of their child’s experience of school every step of the way.

Freedom to learn, independence to grow … time to explore!